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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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I attended St. Cloud Technical College and received an Associate’s Degree in Plumbing. Remodels is my main focus for plumbing; however, I also work on commercial and residential plumbing. In addition, I have some HVAC experience. Golf is my favorite pastime. I try to keep the ball in the right fairway, but can’t guarantee it. I also enjoying traveling, especially to Florida with family and friends. Hanging out by the pool is also a great way I enjoy the all too short Minnesota summers. I live in the St. Cloud area and have two nephews and one niece who think I am their favorite uncle. (They’re too young to know better.)


I’ve been with Augusta Plumbing & Heating about a year. I enjoy the service end of plumbing with an occasional remodeling project. Careers in plumbing have been in my family for generations. My uncle was a master plumber, and I have worked in the field for 5+ years. My workday is not complete until I’ve had the chance to banter with at least once with a co-worker.

I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing (especially ice fishing) and hanging out with family and friends. While fishing this past summer, I only tipped the canoe once, which cost me a new phone and my freshly caught dinner. I wrestled for Foley High School and play softball all summer long. Sightseeing in the Duluth area is also a favorite past time. I am a father of one 5-year-old boy, and I live on the family farm in the Foley area where we raise beef cattle and chickens.


I’ve been with Augusta Plumbing & Heating the past 4+ years. I install water heaters like nobody’s business, along with servicing and troubleshooting them. I also do residential plumbing. My previous plumbing experience includes appliance installation.

My favorite past time is kayaking in the summer, ice fishing in the winter and hanging out with my friends all year long. My walking buddy is Cooper (lab mix) who I’ve had now for 11 years.


I've been in the plumbing field since 2015, getting my start with appliance installation. I've since moved into full residential plumbing with water conditioning being my favorite area. In the short MN summer, I try to soak up as much sun as possible hanging out with family and friends. In the winter I play in multiple dart leagues while staying out of the cold.


I am working as an HVAC apprentice. Snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and hiking are my favorite past times.


I have been working in the HVAC field for 5 years now completing installs and servicing for both commercial and residential properties. When I am not working, I enjoy hanging out with my family, hunting and fishing.


I've worked in the plumbing industry now for several years. I have been married for 20 years and a father of 1 son and 4 daughters. Four years ago, we moved from Arizona to Minnesota to be closer to family. I love staying busy and working on home projects with my kids on weekends.


I’ve been with Augusta Plumbing & Heating the past 4+ years working in the office. Augusta Plumbing & Heating is all about honesty, integrity and doing the right thing for the customer. The staff are professional, hard-working, knowledgeable and have a great sense of humor. I wouldn’t want any other plumber or HVAC technician in my own home. Prior to this job, I’ve worked in sales and higher education longer than I care to admit. I have a Bachelor’s degree from the U of MN, Minneapolis and a Master’s degree from the Adler Graduate School, Minneapolis.

I grew up in Rollingstone, MN and continued to move north ever since. Living on one of our 10,000+ lakes, playing the flute, decorating cakes, playing tennis and spending time with family, friends and my pets are favorite past times; however, nothing feels quite as good as out fishing my husband.


I’ve been with Augusta Plumbing & Heating since June 2022, working in scheduling and dispatch. I have 15 years of previous dispatch experience within other organizations around central Minnesota. I made the recent switch from a career in real estate transactions, and it's a welcomed transition. Our technicians are wonderful to work with!

I grew up near Fairhaven, Minnesota and now live in St. Cloud with my son. In my spare time you'll find me at his sporting events, spending weekends with friends at the lake, exploring garage sales and flea markets for treasures, going to concerts, checking out live bands and just unwinding with friends at my local watering hole. Fun fact, I used to be a radio DJ.


I’ve worked part time with Augusta Plumbing & Heating since May 2021 as the Permit Technician. My previous work experience was in retail, mainly grocery stores. I managed several locations during my retail experience and choose to make a job change when we found out we were expecting. This was a good change, as our son joined us early at 28 weeks.

I am married with one son. We are blessed to live on the Mississippi River and enjoy fishing, tubing and wading in the water whenever we can. Come winter, I am always ready to go to warmer weather; otherwise, we spend time ice fishing with friends and family.

I’ve been part time with Augusta Plumbing & Heating since December 2020. I work on rebates, warranties and other miscellaneous tasks. I’ve also worked the last 17 years full time in graphic design and marketing. In addition, I’m also a certified massage therapist.

I am married with three children. We love spending time at the family cabin in the summer with lots of fishing, swimming and family time.